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At HOMS, we always strive for continuous improvement of our management strategies in close cooperation with our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have made it a priority to support the personal and professional development of our employees. This is crucial to ensuring the commitment of our employees in all our projects, as well as to promoting effective teamwork in order to deliver excellent service to our customers.
Therefore HOMS will assume the philosophy of continuous improvement and the search for discrete improvements in all areas of activity proactively so that we progess towards Operational Excellence.

HOMS Offers

  • Complete O&M management services or specified areas
  • Customized technical and safety training for all utility systems
  • Development and implementation of site-specific, best practices and procedures
  • Integrated, on-site services for handling O&M function, which may include providing a complete staff or employment of current plant staff
  • On-site leadership and/or management of daily O&M activities
  • Short-term O&M labor support
  • Engineering support, and ongoing expert support